Christopher Dambamuromo

Mathematician, Business Intelligence, Full Stack Web & Mobile Application Developer

  • - Aspiring Data Scientist and Software Engineer/SQL Server BI Developer with over 8 years experience. Certified MongoDB professional. Passionate about building things from ground up. Believes in TDD.
  • - Have good understanding and experience in server-side development, building highly scalable and performant REST APIs in Node.js, Express and MongoDB.
  • - Extensive knowledge on databases and best engineering practices. These include handling and logging errors, monitoring the system, building human-fault-tolerant pipelines, understanding what is necessary to scale up, addressing continuous integration, knowledge of database administration, maintaining data cleaning, and ensuring a deterministic pipeline
  • - Also experienced in building Frontend Javascript Applications in BackboneJS and Cross Platform Apps.
  • - Mathematician by education with a strong background in Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistical Inference.
  • - Interested in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science (Data Mining & Visualisation), Data Engineering, Predictive Modelling, Cryptography (Cryptanalysis), Startup Engineering, NoSQL database technologies in general and MongoDB/Elasticsearch/Redis in particular, Design and Analysis of Efficient and Scalable Algorithms.

Worked on: MongoDB, Node.js, Express, REST APIs, ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Kimball Methodology).
• Other technologies: RabbitMQ, Python, Flask, Apache Spark, Git.

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- Education -

  • MongoDB University

    C100DEV: MongoDB Certified Developer Associate Exam (MongoDB 3.0)


  • Glamorgan University

    MSc Intelligent Computer Systems

    2009 - 2011

    Overall Grade: Pass – Attained June 2011

    • Project Title - Foreign Exchange Rates Prediction Using Back Propagation Trained Neural Networks

  • Swansea University

    MSc Mathematics & Computing for Finance

    2007 - 2008

- Employment -

  • University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

    Business Intelligence Developer

    October 2014 - Current

    • Developing and supporting the business critical data warehouse and BI systems that are key to maintaining the continuity of the Trust’s business and operational processes.
    • Developing and managing corporate standards for data structures and the loading and maintenance of the data repositories.
    • Providing system design and development services for bespoke application and website developments.
    • Liaising with third party suppliers and staff across all levels of the Trust in the planning, design and development of highly complex software system solutions.
    • Installing/configuring/maintaining SQL server clusters.
    • Developing/maintaining normalised and de-normalised database tables.
    • Designing ETL processes to move data in various formats across multiple platforms.
    • Modeling/designing the dimensional model based on the Kimball and other approaches.
    • Designing data quality processes to maintain/enhance data quality and integrity.
    • Designing the OLAP cubes.
    • Developing the data maintenance applications.
    • Developing analysis applications.
    • Testing and deploying information systems.
    • Building information analytics models to support strategic/operational management decision making. **Tools/Concepts** - Dimensional Modelling (Kimball, Granularity, Dimensions, Facts, Star/Snowflake Schema, OLAP). - Microsoft Development Tools - SQL Server (SSMS, T-SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, MDX); Visual Studio; SharePoint Server PerformancePoint (Dashboards, KPIs, Filters, Reports, Indicators, Scorecards, Report Builder); Visio. - Other Development Tools - Business Objects, SAS, SPSS, Oracle, MySQL, Cognos Impromptu, Virtual PC. - Version Control – Visual Source Safe, Redgate, Subversion, Team Foundation Server - Microsoft Office - Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio. - Healthcare Systems – Medway BI, Citrix (iPm/iCM), Patient First, CRIS, Medisec, Netcall, AuditBase, Ormis, Evolution, Ascribe, Tracker, LabCentre. - Project Management - Prince2, Agile development, Waterfall

  • NHS Wales Informatics Service, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Software Developer

    September 2013 - October 2014

    • Developing, and implementing high quality NHS Clinical and messaging software systems in accordance with the specification and guidance provided by Senior and Principal Software Developers or Product Specialists.
    • Working on information system project to integrate data from different PAS systems into a central data warehouse.
    • Designing and implementing an organisation-wide data warehouse based on the Kimball Dimensional Modeling approach –SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (TSQL/ SSIS/SSRS/SSAS), SQL Server Agent, Redgate, VSS
    • Designing and developing ETL solutions for importing data into the data warehouse from a variety of data sources (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Excel, XML, and CSV, among others) utilising linked servers, SSIS and SQL Agent.
    • Application development - C# WinForms, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework 5, HTML, AJAX, XML, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, WCF Web Services and BizTalk Integration Engine.
    • Optimizing performance of the data warehouse through index management, partitioning and file groups.
    • Unit and Integration testing using MS Unit Testing Framework and Moq,
    • BDD Testing using SpecFlow.
    • Taking part in all aspects of the development life cycle, from requirements capture to deployment.
    • Configuring web services and applications using Microsoft's IIS 6 on Windows 2008 based Citrix Servers.
    • Ensuring that the applications perform to the requirements of the users and managers of the NHS services.
    • Documentation of comprehensive configuration, maintenance, training and applications deployment.

  • CDSM Interactive Solutions Limited, Swansea, Wales, UK

    ASP.NET C# Developer

    July 2011 - September 2013

    • Development of interactive learning platforms based on .NET 4.0 Framework, ASP.NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC (Razor), LINQ, Entity Framework 4 Code First, SQL Server 2008, AJAX, JQuery, Javascript (Node.js & Backbone.js) and TDD.
    • Improving performance by using a combination of caching strategies, high-performance stored procedure, and prefetching of information.
    • Applying inversion of control techniques (Castle) to improve modularity and to clean wire up code of the components.
    • Unit testing using MBUnit and RhinoMocks,
    • Participating in a small, experienced, energetic team on a rapid, agile development schedule; 3 month releases and 3 week iterations.
    • Essential supporting technologies such as Team City Continuous Integration Build and building test cases.
    • Localization of the company's core products MLS learning platform and People & Places; available in English and Welsh.
    • Troubleshoot and resolving bugs in .NET applications to ensure optimal development environment.

My Key Skills

SQL Server
Machine Learning
Business Intelligence


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  • Stanford's Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 Pitch Battle

    Winner with DataNovo Team

    Stanford University

  • Codefights Ninja




BetaRisk Africa develops bespoke as well as customised Financial & Executive…



BetaRisk Africa develops bespoke as well as customised Financial & Executive Education models for institutional clients, financial practitioners, and students across pensions, insurance, risk, investment management and actuarial science.

Offer Market

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An app that allows buyers and sellers to privately negotiate the price for a listing in a fast streamlined way with sellers creating offers and buyers making the offer. The app works by allowing buyers to set an acceptable price per product ($ amount) (% off retail) and the app can either decline offers lower than the minimum price set or approves if the offer is within the acceptable amounts. It then lets buyers add the accepted offer item to cart, and then generates a coupon that the buyer can present on product delivery.


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