I am a Software Engineer/BI Developer with over 8 years experience in producing code to a consistently high standard. As a Certified MongoDB professional, I am passionate about building things from ground up and have some significant experience with agile development practices, continuous integration and test automation (TDD, BDD, Selenium).
As an active contributor to StackOverflow on the MongoDB tag and a certified MongoDB professional, I frequently engage the open source community with a history of contributions and helping the broader software engineering community through Github and StackOverflow on the MongoDB tag (in the top 10 all time answerers and 38k+ reputation score).

I have considerable knowledge on databases and best engineering practices. These include handling and logging errors, monitoring the system, building human-fault-tolerant pipelines, understanding what is necessary to scale up, addressing continuous integration, maintaining data cleaning, and ensuring a deterministic pipeline. Also experienced in building Frontend Javascript Applications in BackboneJS and Cross Platform Apps.

As a Mathematician by education with a strong background in Financial Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Statistical Inference, I have developed a keen interest in Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Computer Vision), Natural Language Processing, Data Science (Data Mining & Visualisation), Data Engineering, Predictive Modelling, Cryptography (Cryptanalysis), Startup Engineering, NoSQL database technologies in general and MongoDB/Elasticsearch/Redis in particular, Design and Analysis of Efficient and Scalable Algorithms.

The tech stack I have worked on include MongoDB, Node.js, Express, REST APIs, ASP.NET MVC, C#, SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (Kimball Methodology), RabbitMQ, Python, Flask, Apache Spark, and Git.

On the whole, I am very fond of anything closely or remotely related to data and as long as it can be represented as a string of ones and zeros and then analysed and visualized, you’ve got my attention!