BuilderPal is a one stop platform for all home building needs and the largest demand aggregator for construction industry sellers & manufacturers in Zimbabwe.

Landing Page: http://builderpal.herokuapp.com/
Dev site 1: http://builderpal-dev.herokuapp.com/
Dev site 2: https://builderpal-calculator.herokuapp.com/
Tech Stack:

  • Back-end: Node.js 6.2.X, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB 3.2
  • Front-end: BackboneJS, AngularJS, Google Material


Site: http://www.datanovo.com

Worked on the DataNovo team as part of the Stanford University Technology Entrepreneurship course project. DataNovo finds prior art to every patent instantly. Prior art is anything that shows an invention is old or obvious. Companies use prior art to invalidate frivolous patents and show that those “innovations” have already long existed. Companies also use prior art (or a lack thereof) to show why their products are not obvious variations but truly cutting-edge technologies.

Using machine learning, pattern recognition, and data science, DataNovo is able to identify the key invention in each patent. Leveraging on big data technology, DataNovo is able to use the key invention as part of the comprehensive prior art discovery process to identify the best, most relevant prior art available against that key invention. Fundamentally, DataNovo aims to solve:

  1. how to find the best and most relevant prior art; and
  2. how to find them quickly.

Best yet, DataNovo provides information on potential licensees to help patent owners advance monetization efforts and advance licensing opportunities.

With DataNovo, companies are able to obtain more defensible patents, challenge frivolous lawsuits, assess critical licensing information, and make informed decisions in product design to avoid potential infringement.